The story of Ferus Spontaneous begins long ago before much was understood about the science, technology and microbiology of beer making. The magic of fermentation was holy, and beermakers trusted invisible forces that inhabited the air to breathe life into their grain-based concoctions. This beer honors the origin story of beer making and gives tribute to the creative brewing pioneers of Belgium and their extraordinary contribution of Lambic beer. The wort is brewed at Firestone's Propagator Brewery in Venice using a traditional Lambic malt bill. The liquid is transferred while still hot to our koelship, an open-air fermentation vessel, where it spends the evening open to the areas terroir under the stars. Once cooled to ambient temperatures, this beer ferments with help from wild yeast and bacteria in the air before aging in oak barrels. Ferus Spontaneous is a blend of young, one year-old beer and more mature two- and three-year-old beer to achieve balance and drinkability. Each barrel of beer was selected for its zesty flavors, proper acidity and earthy aromatics created by this unique process.  We've been chasing this beer across our dreams since the opening of Barrelworks in 2013 - cheers to making dreams come true.

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  • ABV – 5.6%


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